Advancing Equity and Inclusion: A Guide for Municipalities

Municipalities, communities, and organizations are stronger when the contributions of ALL people are taken into account. Women and girls face specific inequities, especially if they are racialized, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQ+, newcomers, older adults, young, living with a disability, and/or living in poverty. By applying an equity and inclusion lens that addresses gender differences, along with other social inequities, communities can become places for ALL people.

In 2018 the Coalition for Women in Government received funding from the Interministerial Women's Secretariat for the Municipalities for All project, which delivered four workshops to municipalities across PEI on the topic of equity and inclusion. Elected officials and staff of municipalities across PEI were introduced to the Advancing Equity and Inclusion Guide for Municipalities and encouraged to apply an intersectional gender lens to their work in communities. The national guide was developed in partnership with the City for All Women to advance equity and inclusion in municipalities.