Whose Job is it Anyway? (research report, 2009)

Executive Summary

The PEI Coalition for Women in Government began its work of encouraging the election of more women in 2004 with research to determine why women weren't being elected. Having more women elected will bring more diversity of experience to the decision-making table, increasing the potential for policy and programs that speak to women's experience and lives. Key findings of that early research indicated that one of the main reasons women do not run for public office is the perceived lack of work-life balance for PEI politicians. The Coalition undertook research to find out whether that perception is a reality and from this research, set out to identify best practices and recommendations for supporting PEI's elected members to have a balance between work and personal areas of their lives.

The report highlights findings from a national survey conducted with sitting MLAs from across the country, a third of which were from PEI, and interviews with current and former PEI MLAs and staff people.