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Building Effective Boards: The Gender & Diversity Factor Free Workshop
Nov 29 2017
The Equity in Governance project invites members of agencies, boards, and commissions to attend the "Building Effective Boards: The Gender & Diversity Factor" workshop on Thursday, Dec 7th from 9:00am-3:00pm
Coalition Congratulates Hannah Bell on District 11 Win! Media Release
Nov 28 2017
Hannah Bell Makes History As First Woman Green Party Candidate Elected to PEI Legislature
Becoming A Municipal Councillor: What You Need to Know! Join the Coalition and Municipal Affairs PEI to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of municipal councillors in PEI.
Nov 07 2017
Municipal elections are just one year away and the Coalition for Women in Government is encouraging members of the public to learn more about municipal government.
Inside Municipal Council Attend Municipal Council Meetings with the Coalition for Women in Government & Young Voters of PEI
Nov 02 2017
The Coalition for Women in Government and Young Voters of PEI invite members of the public to attend municipal council meetings during the months of November and December to learn more about the municipal process.
New Zealand PM Leads Mixed Member Proportional Coalition Under the Mixed Member Proportional electoral system New Zealand elects its third woman Prime Minister
Oct 26 2017
New Zealand is an island nation that shares much in common with Prince Edward Island in its sociopolitical history. We still hope that PEI will share another trait with New Zealand in the future: a Mixed-Member Proportional electoral system.
New Project for Women in Politics AnnouncedMedia Release
Apr 07 2017
Three organizations team up for the project titled "Engaging Island Women for Political Action"

PEI in 2017

  • 0% of MPs in PEI are women
  • 18.5% of MLAs are women
  • 50% of appointed Senators are women
  • 75% of Lennox Island Band Council members are women (no women are currently members of Abegweit First Nations Band Council)

How Does PEI Compare?

Percentage of women in provincial, territorial and national legislatures (2017):

Rank Jurisdiction % of Women in Legislature
1 British Columbia 39%
2 Yukon 36.8%
3 Ontario 34.5%
4 Alberta 33.3%
5 Nova Scotia 33.3%
6 Quebec 30.4%
7 Saskatchewan 26.2%
  CANADA 26%
8 Newfoundland and Labrador 25%
9 Manitoba 24.5%
10 Prince Edward Island 18.5%
11 New Brunswick 16.3%
12 Northwest Territories 10.5%
13 Nunavut 9%
Honouring Our Differences

Honouring our Differences: Gender and Diversity Analysis Guide for Agencies, Boards and Commissions is a resource by Interministerial Women's Secretariat, Government of Prince Edward Island


Engaging Island Women for Political Action

The project will address barriers to women's inclusion in political parties by providing leadership training to 100 women and working directly with political parties to identify opportunities for women's advancement.
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PEI Women in Government Timeline

PEI Women in Government Timeline

Equity in Governance Project Resources

The objective of the Equity in Governance Project is to increase opportunities for women to achieve positions of leadership by addressing the systemic and structural barriers that limit the leadership role of women on ABCs in PEI.
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