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Trauma-Informed Policy Project: Request for ProposalsRFP for a Project Coordinator
Jan 09 2020
The Coalition for Women in Government is seeking proposals to coordinate a project on trauma-informed policy as a tool to help organizations and institutions prevent and address violence against women, particularly in political contexts.
Coalition LeveeInvitation
Dec 28 2019
Join the PEI Coalition for Women in Government for our Annual New Year's Levee on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 from 4:00-6:00 pm at St. Peter's Cathedral Hall
Coalition Congratulates Natalie Jameson on District 9 WinDistrict 9 Deferred Election
Jul 16 2019
The Coalition for Women in Government congratulates Natalie Jameson on her win in the District 9 deferred election yesterday.
Percentage of Women in PEI Cabinet Lowest in CanadaCabinet Data
May 10 2019
Following Thursday’s swearing-in ceremony for PEI’s Premier and Executive Council, the Coalition for Women in Government can confirm that PEI ranks last in Canada regarding gender representation in cabinet.
Percentage of Women in PEI Legislature Increases SlightlyMedia Release
Apr 24 2019
The PEI Coalition for Women in Government is pleased that the Legislature will see an increase in the number of women elected. Six of twenty-six (23%) MLAs declared elected in yesterday’s race are women, an increase from 18.5% in 2015.
MMP: An opportunity to increase women’s participation in governmentOp-ed for the Guardian
Apr 23 2019
Over the past 15 years, the Coalition has consistently advocated for a proportional electoral system, not because it benefits or disadvantages some parties over others, but because research shows that it tends to elect more women.

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PEI in 2019

  • 0% of MPs in PEI are women
  • 26% of MLAs are women
  • 25% of PEI Senators are women
  • 32% of municipal councillors are women
  • 50% of Lennox Island Band Council are women
  • 25% of Abegweit Band Council members are women

How Does PEI Compare?

Percentage of women in provincial, territorial and national legislatures (2019):

Rank Jurisdiction % of Women in Legislature
1 Northwest Territories 47%
2 Ontario  39.5%
3 British Columbia  39%
4 Yukon  37%
5 Nova Scotia  33.3%
6 Quebec 30.4%
7 Alberta  30%
  CANADA 29%
8 Saskatchewan  26.2%
9 Prince Edward Island 26%
10 Manitoba   24.5%
11 Newfoundland and Labrador  22.5%
12 New Brunswick  22%
13 Nunavut 9%
Organize to Lead: A Political Guidebook for PEI

Organize to Lead: A Political Guidebook is a resource for women interested in elected office. 


2019 PEI General Election: Women Candidates