Coalition Commends Addition of Tina Mundy to Cabinet

Media Release

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Coalition for Women in Government welcomes the recent cabinet shuffle by Premier MacLauchlan, which includes the appointment of Tina Mundy as Minister of Family and Human Services.

Dawn Wilson, Executive Director of the PEI Coalition for Women in Government says, “The announcement that Tina Mundy will assume the position of Minister of Family and Human Services is a step in the right direction toward greater gender diversity in cabinet.”

Wilson says, “Following the 2015 provincial election, the Coalition called on government to form a Cabinet with one-third women. Today’s announcement brings the percentage of women in cabinet closer to that goal, with 20% of ministers now being women, up from 11% before the shuffle.”

In November 2015, the federal government set a nation-leading precedent with gender parity in the federal cabinet and diversity that more closely matches the demographics of the Canadian population. Wilson adds, “We continue to encourage Premier MacLauchlan and members of cabinet to continue to make gender a priority.”

She concludes, “Research on women in leadership demonstrates that having more women at decision-making tables allows the group to draw from multiple perspectives, which results in more creative ideas and robust solutions to problems. Having more women at the cabinet table increases the potential for policies and programs to speak to the complexities of women’s lives.”

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For more information contact:
Dawn Wilson Executive Director PEI Coalition for Women in Government